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BSGCT Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Award

PPIE Award:

Recognising patient and public involvement in cell and gene therapy development


Including patient and public involvement in research studies and the development process of new therapies is recognised as good practice.  The National institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Health Research Authority (HRA) expect evidence of patient and/or public involvement in funding applications and research submissions. The HRA indicates that research teams who involve patients and the public deliver programmes that are:

  • More relevant to participants

  • Better designed to be more acceptable to participants

  • Have clearer information for participants

  • Provide a better experience of research

  • Are better able to communicate results to participants



  • Recognise and celebrate PPIE achievements made by those working in the field

  • Identify excellent practice and case studies to disseminate to other developers

Award presented during the annual BSGCT conference: £500 Award and Trophy

Winners will be highlighted on BSGCT Website as a “Case Study”.



  • Candidates must be members of BSGCT

  • Candidates self-nominate for the award

  • The nomination proposal must be made in the application form included below, provide contact details, and include a brief justification addressing the judging criteria

  • Awardees must be available to receive the award at the next BSGCT Annual Conference.


Judging Criteria: 

  1. Motivation for the interaction

  2. Nature of the PPIE activity (ie Survey, focus group & who was involved)

  3. Short statements on whether this was a rewarding experience from the point of view of

    1. The team developing the therapy

    2. The patient(s) involved

  4. Impact of the interaction? ( ie Has it resulted in changes to approach or design of future studies involving patients?)


Awarding Decisions:

Panel review comprising BSGCT Board & ATMP Engage/Patient and public representatives. Panel decisions will be final.

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