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Membership Benefits

The BSGCT has been launched to meet the requirements of individuals such as you. We would like to encourage your input such that the society is shaped to maximise benefit to its members and the wider research community.



  • Reduced rates for BSGCT conferences and events.

  • Annual BSGCT meeting – we alternate a one day meeting and a residential meeting each year in the UK. This provides topical scientific and public awareness sessions complete with ample opportunities for in-depth discussion of contemporary research.

  • The meeting provides an excellent opportunity for young scientists and clinicians to develop working groups and networks. Particular emphasis is placed on strengthening the skills of new and emerging research members with opportunities such as writing newsletter articles, chairing sessions and abstract reviewing.

  • It also allows for excellent networking opportunities with many research ideas being created in the pub once presentations are over!

  • BSGCT members are eligible to apply for positions on the BSGCT Board; either as Board Members or Early Career Representatives.

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BSGCT members are eligible for BSGCT competitions, awards and schemes, including:

  • Travel Bursary Award for ECRs and Undergraduate Research Bursary Award;

  • Annual BSGCT Science Writing Competition;

  • Participation in the BSGCT Mentoring Scheme.



Information on events organised by BSGCT partners:

  • BSGCT satellite meetings – will be responsive to changing scientific themes and challenges facing the gene and cell therapy research communities;

  • Notice board for posting jobs, funding opportunities and other relevant events.

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Sharing knowledge and resources:

  • Information on available resources;

  • Links to standard gene and cell therapy protocols, quarterly newsletter;

  • Links to regulatory information;

  • Access to scientific journals (Human Gene Therapy).



Sharing knowledge and resources:

  • Social media networking opportunities. Facebook, X, Linked In;

  • BSGCT Blog page;

  • Discussion forum for scientists, clinicians, general public and patients;

  • Association and contact with many of the UK’s leading gene and cell therapists.

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