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Weiheng Su


Weiheng holds a First-Class MSc degree in Cancer Immunology and a PhD in Oncology from the University of Oxford. Weiheng joined Oxford Genetics (trading as OXGENE) in 2013. Initially responsible for DNA design, he was soon promoted to lead all commercial activities around contract DNA engineering. Weiheng has been central to developing OXGENE’s viral vector systems including recombinant Adenovirus, AAVs, and Lentiviral vectors. Under the supervision of Dr. Ryan Cawood and Prof. Len Seymour, the founders of OXGENE, Weiheng developed OXGENE’s proprietary TESSA platform for scalable manufacture of AAVs and biologics during his doctoral research at Oxford. Weiheng leads the TESSA research team at OXGENE for vector improvements and innovations.

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