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SynGenSys (Synthetic Genetic Systems) creates product-specific libraries of synthetic genetic parts for next-generation biomedicines and biomanufacturing processes. Our philosophy is simple: all products and production processes are unique. Therefore, core genetic assemblies used for therapy or biomanufacturing should harbour custom synthetic DNA parts and circuits designed to be fit for specific purpose. Our platform technology harnesses years of research and development with bioindustrial partners. We engineer novel synthetic genetic parts from the ground-up, based on bioinformatic analysis of streams of genome-scale information pertinent to the biological system and user-defined design criteria.   

Gene and Cell Therapy: DNA Engineering for Cell Type Specificity and Control. Transfer of therapeutic DNA or mRNA into human cells underpins many new strategies to treat disease.  However, precise targeting and control of gene expression remains a fundamental challenge. Our design systems create novel libraries of cell-type specific promoters with a minimised DNA footprint that provide user-defined control of therapeutic transgene expression.

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