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LGC Group

LGC Clinical Diagnostics develops and manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of catalogue and custom-developed diagnostic quality solutions and component materials for the extended life sciences industry.

Our brands include three IVD manufacturers of QMTs and one manufacturer of viral and bacterial antigens and antibodies:

· Maine Standards Company

· SeraCare

· Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

· The Native Antigen Company

The Native Antigen Company is a worldwide leading supplier of reagents that enable development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics, and production of diagnostics assays. We specialise in high quality native and recombinant viral and bacterial antigens, antibodies, and immunoassays for infectious disease. Our team has extensive expertise and experience in bespoke product development and custom manufacturing across a broad range of host species expression systems, including E.coli and insect, as well as the Company’s proprietary high-yield mammalian cell expression system.

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