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Inivos is a leading provider of bio-decontamination technologies, dedicated to supporting the critical requirements of the life sciences and healthcare industries. With over 10 years of expertise, we are committed to ensuring safe environments through rapid and effective decontamination technologies. Recognising the unique challenges of each facility, we serve as Your Trusted Partner, tailoring our offerings to your specific bioburden requirements.

Our portfolio includes the innovative ProXcide® System, which utilises patented hydrogen peroxide vapour technology to achieve whole room decontamination in approximately two hours. ProXcide® System achieves log-6 kill on every surface, every time, backed by automatically generated digital reports for verifiable compliance.

Inivos prides itself on delivering exceptional and agile Rapid Response services, whether that’s for routine schedules or urgent decontamination needs. Our expert team provides comprehensive, site-specific decontaminations under flexible service agreements.

Visit our website for more information or speak to Kermashnie De Sousa at

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