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Public Engagement Day 2018

We were delighted to welcome so many students and members of the public to this free, one-day interactive event which provided an opportunity to discuss and debate cutting edge research with scientists, patients, research students and clinicians/nurses, and to think about the impact that this research has on society and on you.

This year, BSGCT is celebrating the impact Genetics has on the fields of biological research and medicine. On the day, attendees learnt about concepts in different fields of biology that have been explained by genetic research, as presented by separate exhibitions in the University Museum of Natural History, Oxford.

We had a great line-up of speakers who introduced the concepts of gene therapy and stem cell therapy through interactive talks, as well as their application to treat cancer and disorders of the central nervous system among others.

The lunchtime session allowed students the chance to participate in several hands-on activities as well as chatting to active scientists from a range of career backgrounds and levels. Teachers had a chance to meet STEM ambassadors and representatives from the Nuffield Foundation to hear about their school’s science placement schemes.

This event is an opportunity to discuss and debate new developments in gene and stem cell therapies and gene editing as well as ethical implications of these novel discoveries. It is a chance to engage with scientists, clinicians and research students to learn about the impact this research has on society and to hear about different career paths in science. The FREE event is suitable for GCSE and A-Level students and anyone with an interest in learning more about immunity and disease prevention. See you next year!


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