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Annual Conference 2019, Sheffield

BSGCT’s Annual Conference in 2019 took place from 19th-21st June in Sheffield. The conference brought together scientists from across the UK and beyond to highlight the latest research and techniques in gene and cell therapy.

Presentation Winners

  • The Fairbairn Award: Alexander Baker - OR23 Adenovirus serotype 26 uses sialic acid bearing glycans as its primary means of infection

  • Best Oral Presentation: Evelyne Demkes - OR19 Immune suppression for xeno-cell transplantation strategies in the porcine animal model

  • Best Poster Presentation: Keittisak Suwan - P44 Systemic chemovirotherapy against human glioblastoma using temozolomide and bacteriophage-guided gene therapy

  • ESGCT Best Oral Presentation: Robyn Bell - OR16 Gene therapy for thrombotic thrombocytopaenic purpura

  • ESGCT Best Poster Presentation: James Grey - P43 Non-viral genetic therapy strategies for the treatment of ataxia telangiectasia

  • Best Rapid Poster Presentation: Jason Halliwell - P06 Mechanisms that lead to genetic instability in human pluripotent stem cells


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