Call for Papers – Miami Winter Symposium 2018: Stem Cells

“The Miami Winter Symposium 2018 is dedicated to “Stem Cells”. Many symposia and conferences, organized both in the United States and abroad, are dedicated to specific topics related to stem cells research and applications but none of them provides an overview of the most relevant aspects within this subject. In this sense, the Miami Winter Symposium 2018 will be a unicum:  Stem cell reprogramming and differentiation, hematopoietic stem cells, stem cells in cancer, stem cells in vision, stem cell engineering and stem cells as therapeutical resource, including clinical trials will be the overarching topics of the Miami Winter Symposium 2018.

Another aspect which can be seen in the program is its true internationality: speakers are coming from Japan, Canada, Netherlands, UK, France, Sweden, Italy, Germany and more. For the United States, speakers have been invited from the most prestigious centers like Stanford University, University of Miami, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, Boston Children’s Hospital and more. The program has achieved, as much as possible, geographical and gender equality.

The Miami Winter Symposium 2018 will be a unique occasion for younger scientists to get in touch with a variety of new aspects of stem cell biology, biotechnology and therapy. For senior scientists in the field of stem cell research the Miami Winter Symposium 2018 will be an observatory, unique in its kind, to confront their own research with the world cutting-edge science. Finally, many companies, interested in suggesting, advising and participating in joint research projects, will find a platform in the Symposium where those interactions can be successfully formalized.”

Abstracts are invited for short Spotlight Talks and Posters on the conference topics by November 20, 2017 on the following conference topics to supplement the invited plenary program.

  • Reprogramming
  • Differentiating stem cells
  • Hematopoietic stem cells
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Cell engineering
  • Stem cell and gene therapy clinical trials

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Conference Title:  Stem Cells: Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Therapies, Miami Winter Symposium 2018

Dates:  January 28-31, 2018

Location: Miami, FL, USA


Secretariat:  Cinzia Mamberti, Elsevier, The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GB, UK




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