Public Engagement

  1. To improve public awareness of BSGCT and gene and cell therapy.
  2. To provide a forum, in the form of public engagement days, for students, patients, affected families and other members of the public to become better informed about the reality, complexities and issues surrounding gene and cell therapy and its therapeutic application.
  3. To educate and inspire the next generation to become scientists, with particular focus on gene transfer and stem cell technology.


Aarash Saleh (Chair)
Tassos Georgiadis
Claire Booth
Mustafa Munye
Alan Parker
Renee Watson

Early Career Development & Collaboration

  1. To assist in ECR’s preparation for upcoming grant applications, and facilitate the process of collaboration to strengthen them.
  2. To provide access to expert independent review panels, as well as the potential for ECRs to obtain informal advice and mentorship from field leaders.
  3. To prepare and submit new collaborative grant applications including likely funding streams and other smaller charity based funding.
  4. To monitor grant submissions and funding rates and feed back this information.

Alan Parker (Chair)
Angela Bradshaw (Vice Chair)
Stuart Nicklin
Simon Waddington
Helen O’Neill
David Cole
Margaret Duffy
Gerry McLachlan
Mustafa Munye
Alex Baker
Sophia klein Holthaus
Aarash Saleh

Clinical Translation & Regulatory Affairs

  1. To keep abreast of current regulation in the UK and beyond for gene and cell therapies
  2. To facilitate information dissemination to BSGCT membership
  3. To liaise with other societies when required regarding clinical matters
  4. To act as advisors, upon request, from agencies that control regulation and routes to clinic.

Sian Harding (Chair)
Emma Morris (Vice-Chair)
Claire Booth
Uta Griesenbach
Andy Baker
Chris Denning
Rafael Yanez

Communication and Promotion

  1. To edit and maintain BSGCT Blogs, BSGCT webpage and BSGCT social media pages
  2. To engage members and non-members with the society
  3. To ensure latest/breaking news relevant to the field is posted in a timely fashion and keep posted information relevant
  4. To highlight and promote upcoming events, Blogs and other society news

Mustafa Munye (Chair)
Alan Parker
Tassos Georgiadis
Sameer Syed
Sian Stafford
Aarash Saleh
Helena Lund-Palau
Robyn Bell

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