President’s Letter

Welcome to the British Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (BSGCT),

Gene and cell therapies have entered a very exciting area with several new treatments now licensed. There is clearly lots to talk about. Traditionally the BSGCT alternates a 3-day conference and a 1-day conference. I hope you all agree that the 2017 3-day conference, which was held in Cardiff, was a great success.

To accommodate the ever growing community and scientific content we decided to deviate from the historical format slightly and will run two 1-day conferences in 2018; one in April and one in November. Over the last years we have also outgrown the Institute of Child Health conference facilities and both 2018 conferences will be held in the Regent’s Park Conference Centre in London, which is a lovely venue that fulfils our requirements.

Running two 1-day conferences in 2018 is undoubtedly an experiment, but we count on your support and very much value your feedback. The conferences have specific themes, which will be of interest to a large number of scientists and clinicians.

April conference: Lentiviral and other retroviral vectors in 2018: Applications, production and vector design relevant for translation into human

November conference: Gene editing for gene and cell therapy: Technologies, models and translation

I look forward to seeing you at both conferences.

With best wishes


  Uta Griesenbach (BSGCT President)





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