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Accelerate scientific progress and promote ethical and thorough transfer of gene- and cell-based technologies from the laboratory into the clinic, for treatment of a range of serious disorders, including cancer, heart disease and monogenic disorders.

BSGCT will facilitate this progress by:

  • Promoting communication and the free flow of information between UK scientists, leading to better collaborations and the sharing of knowledge and resources.
  • Providing a forum for specialised scientific debate in the field of cell- and gene-based treatments, particularly to enhance the education of younger scientists and clinicians.
  • Improving the interaction between scientists and clinicians, to enhance thorough science-led and ethical evaluation of new technologies in the clinic.
  • Improving public awareness and providing an informed and responsible voice for science in this field.
  • Improving the productivity of gene and cell therapy research in the UK, moving innovations forward from the laboratory for clinical study as soon as it is appropriate.
  • Developing strong links with donors and funding bodies, aiming together to build on the scientific infrastructure that already exists in the UK.

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