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Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies initiative in the UK

P Walser(1)

1: NHS Blood and Transplant

The Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies (IHfGT) represent an initiative in aid of developing, innovating and advancing gene therapies in the UK through the GMP-production of viral vectors. It encompasses three centres: Kings College London, NHS Blood and Transplant’s Clinical Biotechnology Centre near Bristol and the University of Sheffield’s Gene Therapy Innovation and Manufacturing Centre. The Medical Research Council (MRC), the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and LifeArc created the network of hubs to innovate and, importantly, progress to clinical trial the manufacturing of viral vectors by building on existing and new capabilities in a collaborative environment. An overview of the capabilities of the network will be presented along with highlighting of opportunities in manufacturing and funding.

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