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Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Production: A Collaborative Approach to Accelerate Process Optimisation

A J Iqbal(1) H Trottin(1) S Gerontas(1)

1:Pharmaron Ltd.

Pharmaron believes that forming effective partnerships are critical to advance the chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) development of viral vectors to bring these life changing medicines to patients.   By combining expertise and knowledge with collaborative working with industrial and academic partners, Pharmaron has developed a scalable and robust multi-serotype AAV manufacturing platform.  Effective partnering with upstream experts has enhanced their transfection system for large scale manufacture of AAV viral vectors in suspension cell culture and driven a significant increase in viral titre and infectious particles. Further, through collaborations on purification science, Pharmaron has developed a toolbox approach to purify different AAV serotypes and products. Through this development they have carefully balanced the purity of AAV vectors, the separation of genome containing (full) from genome-free (empty) AAV capsids and improved process recovery using Pharmaron’s state-of-the-art AAV platform analytics. This presentation will show how working collaboratively with strategic industrial partners is key to continuously improving Pharmaron’s processes and advancing gene therapy innovation into commercial solutions.

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