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Elevate Your CAR-T Therapy with Plasmid DNA Sanger Sequencing

E Kirby(1)

1:Promega Corporation

Plasmid DNA sequence confirmation is a critical step in the development of CAR-T cell therapy, a revolutionary cancer treatment. This process involves genetically modifying T cells, often using lentivirus vectors, to express a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) that targets cancer cells. The precision of this modification is vital, as any errors in the DNA sequence of the lentiviral plasmid used for genetic engineering could lead to ineffective or potentially harmful outcomes. Therefore, confirming the DNA sequence of the plasmid ensures that the correct genetic information is being introduced into the T cells. This not only maximizes the therapy's effectiveness but also ensures safety by minimizing the risk of introducing unintended genetic alterations. In the rapidly evolving field of gene therapy, such stringent quality control measures are essential for the success and reliability of treatments like CAR-T cell therapy.

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