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The importance of an automated qPCR workflow for AAV genomic titre determination in a process development laboratory

C Harrison(1) R Tarnowska(1) D Marginean(1) S Perez(1) A Sergijenko(1) W Li(1) M Bagnati(1) N Sweeney(1)

1: Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, 12th Floor Tower Wing, Guys Hospital, Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9RT

Titrating AAV by qPCR is a widely used technique that offers suitable throughput and working range to support the variety and number of samples generated in a busy process development laboratory. However, assaying hundreds of samples per month requires significant time from multiple trained operators. Despite all operators receiving formal training, variability between runs were high. Furthermore, operator errors occurred frequently which resulted in high repeat rates and delayed decision making. By automating the qPCR workflow using a Tecan Fluent®, we improved repeatability and sample turnaround times, reduced repeat rates and freed up operator time. These substantial benefits make qPCR automation indispensable for effective process development.

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