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Novel engineered plasmids and optimized HEK293 cell line improves AAV productivity

L Prendergast(1)   D Kapadia(1)   R McDermott(1)

1: Lonza

The need for AAV-based therapies necessitates the development of a robust GMP manufacturing platform that can be scaled and support high titres production during the manufacturing process. Traditionally AAV manufacturing for gene therapy entailed the use of labour-intensive adherent-based HEK293 processes not amenable to scale-up. Suspension adaptation of HEK293 cells has enabled more scalable processes but remains time-consuming. Low AAV productivity and lack of reproducible, commercially viable, platform processes continue to be key challenges facing AAV gene therapy developers.  Lonza has responded to these challenges by establishing a robust and scalable suspension manufacturing platform for AAV production.

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