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Developing pluripotent stem cell derived therapies for hearing loss

T Gaskell(1)

1: Rinri Therapeutics

Rinri Therapeutics was established in 2018 by Marcelo Rivolta, a Professor of Sensory Stem Cell Biology, who has dedicated his research to discovering new regenerative therapeutics for hearing loss. With a hope to tackle the unmet medical need faced by millions of people across the world and make a significant impact on both the lives of patients and healthcare systems globally. Drawing from this research, Rinri Therapeutics is now developing the world’s first regenerative cell therapies for hearing loss. Rinri’s therapy will have the ability to replace the dead or damaged specialised sensory cells of the inner ear that cause sensorineural hearing loss, the most common form of the condition. This presentation will outline the translational questions and steps along the way from concept towards the clinic.

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