BSGCT partner with In2scienceUK to provide 2 week summer lab placements for gifted A-level science students from low income backgrounds (the poorest 10% of our society). This initiative is to address the fact that 96% of students from independent schools progress onto University while only 16% of students eligible for free school meals do the same (Sutton Trust, 2010).

The aim of this scheme is to inspire and motivate students and support them in their application to competitive research universities. If you are interested in this scheme, In2scienceUK will choose an appropriate AS level student from a poor background to place into your lab based on their research interest. Selection of the students is a competitive process and applicants have already completed an application form, been shortlisted and attended an interview with In2scienceUK prior to being placed in your lab. As part of the scheme, students receive a skills training day, a bursary (£100) and a copy of New Scientist magazine. The scheme is designed so that supervisors are asked to complete the minimal amount of paper work. In2scienceUK will ensure all students have health and safety documentation, inductions, access cards and insurance.

We hope you agree that this is a very worthy initiative and BSGCT are delighted to be involved in supporting these young future scientists.

Get paid to undertake cutting edge research with top scientists.

You will learn a number of scientific techniques, attend workshops and complete a small written report. This will be invaluable for you in your personal statement and application to University degrees.

This programme is only for the brightest students with a passion for science, who are from schools which are traditionally low achieving. If you fulfil the following criteria you may apply for this scheme:
• You receive EMA or are Free School Meal eligible in year 11 and/or
• You have no parental experience at higher education
• You have a minimum of 6 Bs at GCSE and passes in Maths and English.

How do I gain a placement? Visit

In2scienceUK are starting to recruit scientists willing to supervise in the London, Oxford and Bath/Bristol areas. If you are interested in hosting a student this year, please contact the scheme co-ordinator Rebecca McKelvey. Please let her know that you heard about the scheme via BSGCT.

When are the placements and how long do they last?
Placements occur for a period of 2 weeks during the students summer holiday (any time between the 16th July-29th August). A day usually starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm.

Does the student need an individual project?
This is advised but not essential. Students may also support you with your on-going project. Students are able to observe animal studies.

If the student has down time in the lab and there are no experiments to complete, what should they do?
The student will have a number of reading and writing tasks to complete during the placement. Students will write a summary on a journal article, and they will also need to submit a brief report on their placement. This usually includes the techniques they learn, and any results they may have.

How do students afford to get to their placement?
Students receive £100 for the two weeks at placement to pay for their travel and lunch. Students also receive a ‘New Scientist.