1. To improve public awareness of BSGCT and gene and cell therapy.
2. To provide a forum, in the form of public engagement days, for students, patients, affected families and other members of the public to become better informed about the reality, complexities and issues surrounding gene and cell therapy and its therapeutic application.
3. To educate and inspire the next generation to become scientists, with particular focus on gene transfer and stem cell technology.

Christos Georgiadis (Chair)
Linda Popplewell
Alan Parker
Mustafa Munye
Robyn Bell
Nora Clarke
Aniekan Etuk

Public Engagement

Mission: To engage with early career researchers in topics specifically relevant to career development and highlight opportunities for involvement in gene and cell therapy events.

Robyn Bell (co-Chair)
Carly Bliss (co-Chair)
Tushar Choudary
David K. Cole
Christos Georgiadis
Tasha Oppermans
Alan L. Parker

Early Career Development & Collaboration

1. To keep abreast of current regulation in the UK and beyond for gene and cell therapies
2. To facilitate information dissemination to BSGCT membership
3. To liaise with other societies when required regarding clinical matters
4. To act as advisors, upon request, from agencies that control regulation and routes to clinic.

Sian Harding (Chair)
Emma Morris (Vice-Chair)
Claire Booth
Uta Griesenbach
Andy Baker
Chris Denning
Rafael Yanez

Clinical Translation & Regulatory Affairs

1. To edit and maintain BSGCT Blogs, BSGCT webpage and BSGCT social media pages
2. To engage members and non-members with the society
3. To ensure latest/breaking news relevant to the field is posted in a timely fashion and keep posted information relevant
4. To highlight and promote upcoming events, Blogs and other society news

Ralph Hector (Chair)
Giulia Massaro
Mustafa Munye
Sian Stafford

Communication & Promotion